EHS Symphonic Band

The EHS Band gives students who play band instruments a chance to improve their skill and learn more about music. Here at Elkhart High we are fortunate to have an excellent concert band, which has played for city functions as well as out of town.

Besides giving three concerts with the Orchestra, they performed this year at Rochester and at Beatty General Hospital in Westville during spring vacation. Also, at the State Band and Orchestra Contest, members received 131 1st division rating medals - over twice the amount received by any other high school in the state.

The marching band played for the six home football games, putting on a well received half-time show at each game. They were also invited to march at the South Bend Riley out-of-town game and in the Centennial Parade. Selected members of the Pep Band played for all home basketball games and pep sessions. We have every reason to be proud of our fine high school band.

The Band Cabinet

Band Cabinet: Pres., Roger Ramsey; Soc. Chm., Ross Schneider; V. P., Barbara Benham; Soc. Chm., Ruth
Juday; Secy.-Treas; Sharon Zinn.

EHS Band before their Winter Concert

EHS Symphonic Band Personnel

C. Troyer J. Artley P. Neece G. Bremer D. Lemmon S. Short E. Fergison
B. Bauge R. Horswell R. Niece A. Cleveland M. Melkus K. Twa J. McLaughlin
J. Bock M. Daniels S. Osterloo D. Anderson D. Ong P. Penn D. Wagner
C. Crosbie S. Boots J. Parker G. Bontrager D. Rose D. Darling D. Warble
B. Curtis C. Drudge P. Riple A. Hendrickson J. Stiver J. Griffin P. Litke
B. Deal J. Cittadine G. Shaus R. Hurley S. Thompson B. Langdoc J. Brown
P. Eads P. Botts M. Twyford R. Ann Juday L. Wiseman W. McKnight C. Campbell
A. Feddersen B. Brandt N. VanPatten R. Keller J. Zellmer J. Perry J. Couts
D. Feldman B. Crane L. Wineland S. Maurer S. Zinn V. Pritschet L. Francisco
M. McClure D. Dygert R. Berger G. Russell B. Brown T. Smith J. Hannah
J. Singleton J. Holycross V. Elmore R. Ramsey R. Boots L. Coblentz P. Miller
B. Watreman K. Kidder T. McFarland R. Ball R. Boussom B. Mishler S. Thomas
B. Wills S. Lanker R. Pedler B. Benham B. Bush J. Wilson D. Weaver
P. Myers R. Ludlow S. Quier S. Blessing R. Hoak R. Schneider G. Loutzenhiser
L. Hartranft S. Meyer S. Cunningham T. Boardman J. Huster J. Haselwood O. Kleitz
K. Plummer P. Miller G. Bremer B. Brown P. Oyer C. Bowsers D. Swisher
N. Rieth T. Miller B. Friesner B. Edwards D. Muhlnickel C. Gustafson D. Zemanek
A. Raftree R. Murray K. Yoder J. Evans D. Shinabarger T. Huff  
J. Huster T. Myers P. Niece J. Hurley J. Coblentz J. Leist  

Mr. Davies leads the Pep Band in a Snappy Number

Much color is added to the Blazer basketball games held at the Northside Gym. Spectators feel a pride in the building itself and enjoyed all that goes with "Indiana Madness."

A specially chosen group of musicians known as the "Pep Band" plays at all the EHS pep sessions and home games. Two years ago Mr. Davies and the band members chose informal uniforms for these appearances: sharp-looking blue and white striped jackets, dark trousers, white shirts and bow ties.

Click on the selections below to hear the 1959 EHS Symphonic Band and Orchestra Spring Concert Presented on May 22, 1959.

1812 Overture

Let's Dance

Colonel Bogey March

Girl Crazy

Brahm's Symphony in C Minor